Earthquake in Haiti: What Your Donation Will Buy

January 22, 2010

Here’s an example of what your donations to the American Red Cross for Haiti relief will buy:

  • $5 provides a water container to store clean drinking water
  • $10 provides a blanket that is appropriate to the climate and culture of the disaster-affected area
  • $25 provides a family of 5 with a kitchen set giving them the ability to cook and serve food (a disaster can destroy even the most basic family possessions and restoring family’s self-sufficiency is essential). This includes two cooking pots, a frying pan, bowls, plates, cups, and utensils.
  • $30 provides essential hygiene materials to 5 people for one month (ensuring adequate hygiene after a disaster is essential in promoting the health of those affected). This includes items like a toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, body soap, laundry soap, toilet paper, sanitary pads, a razor and a towel.
  • $60 provides tarps, rope, wood and tools for a family of five to build a temporary shelter. (2 tarps, rope, hoe, machete, tin snips, handsaw, roofing nails, shovel, long nails, tie wire, claw hammer)
  • $100 provides a cooking set, hygiene pack, blankets, and water containers for one family of five following a disaster.
  • $500 provides a family tent for a family of 5


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