Pacific Islands Tsunami: 2nd Tsunami Warning Riles Relief Efforts

October 8, 2009

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Before the tsunami warning Wednesday, 35 American Red Cross workers were able to assist American Samoa families in assembling 90 tents that will be used as temporary shelter on the island.

Pacific Islands Tsunami Pacific Islands Tsunami: Roll Call

Pacific Islands Tsunami

Disaster Alert: Typhoon Warning in the North Mariana Islands

October 2, 2009

Disaster Alert

Guam/Mariana Islands – At 5:00 am ET today, the center of Typhoon Melor was about 400 miles east of Guam. Melor is expected to continue intensifying and may become a Super Typhoon in the next 24 hours. A Typhoon Warning remains in effect for Saipan and Tinian. A Typhoon Watch remains in effect for Rota, Agrihan and Guam.  The American Red Cross has sent a leadership team to support the chapters and continues ongoing communications.

Chapters Responding:

o Guam
o Northern Mariana Islands

Disaster Alert: Earthquake in American Samoa

September 29, 2009


American Samoa – An earthquake with a magnitude of 8.3 hit the Samoan Islands today.  The American Red Cross is working with our partners in the federal government to assess the current situation. The tsunami warning for American Samoa has been canceled at this time.

Samoa is a sovereign country and has its own Red Cross, the Samoan Red Cross, which is a sister society to the American Red Cross.


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