Disaster Alert: Wildfire in Virginia

February 22, 2011

Disaster Alert

Virginia – High wind gusts and low humidity caused wildfires that burned thousands of acres, damaged homes and structures, left hundreds of residents without power and prompted evacuations on Saturday. Local State of Emergency declared in 7 counties.

The ARC Top of Virginia Chapter deployed Disaster Action Team and opened a shelter for evacuees. The shelter closed hours later with no residents.

Disaster Action Team members from the Central Virginia Chapter opened a shelter, placed additional staff on standby and provided Mass Care for evacuees.

Disaster Alert: Winter Storm from Virginia to Maine

January 27, 2011

Disaster Alert

A winter storm dumped several inches of snow downing power lines, trees, leaving over half a stranding motorists and million customers without power.

Chapters conducted call downs with all community chapters in their region, placed them on stand-by and communicated with local emergency management.

The chapters continue to monitor the situation to provide assistance, if needed.

Disaster Alert: Hazardous Materials in Virginia

November 17, 2010

Disaster Alert

Virginia – An accident involving a pick-up truck in Danville yesterday resulted in a chemical spill, half-mile radius evacuation and closure of parts of US 29 and 58. Two firefighters were transported to a local hospital after being exposed to the chemical.

The Roanoke Valley Chapter deployed mass care and Community Emergency Response Team volunteers to the scene.

They opened an evacuation shelter where they provided cots, blankets, bottled water, snacks and meals from an Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) to affected residents, emergency workers and first responders.

Disaster Alert: Tornadoes in North Carolina and Virginia

March 29, 2010

Disaster Alert

North Carolina – A tornado that touched down in Guilford and Davidson Counties damaged homes, caused power outages and prompted the evacuation of residents in the affected area on Sunday.

The High Point – Thomasville Chapter deployed a Disaster Action Team (DAT), opened 2 shelters and provided canteen services to emergency responders and disaster victims.

Virginia – A tornado touched down in Halifax County damaged homes, caused power outages and prompted the evacuation of residents in the affected area on Sunday.

The Halifax County Chapter deployed a DAT, opened a shelter and worked with affected-area residents to determine emergency needs.

Disaster Alert: Winter Storm in Mid-Atlantic

February 9, 2010

Disaster Alert

Winter Storm
Thousands of residents throughout several states and the District of Columbia continue to be affected by power outages as a result of the winter storm that occurred over the weekend. In addition, a major Nor’easter storm is forecast for today. Several Winter Storm Warnings and Advisories are in effect.

North Carolina; West Virginia; Virginia; Maryland; Washington DC; Pennsylvania; Delaware; New Jersey
Chapters within the affected areas kept dozens of shelters open and provided Mass Care for local residents, as well as stranded travelers, and continued to collaborate with government agencies and community organizations to provide support as needed.

Disaster Update: Winter Wallop Storm

December 21, 2009

Disaster Update

Massachusetts – The Winter Wallop Storm caused heavy snow accumulation throughout the state with the Boston Region most heavily affected on late Saturday thru Sunday. The Cape Cod and Islands Chapter deployed Disaster Action Team (DAT), supported 4 shelters and staffed Regional County Emergency Operations Center. The shelters closed on 4pm Sunday.

Washington, DC and Virginia – The Winter Wallop Storm that dumped as much as 2 feet of snow or more throughout the region on Saturday closed airports and roads, stranded thousands of travelers, and caused power outages that prompted the evacuation of local residents. A State of Emergency is in effect for both states and a DC Snow Emergency has been declared.

The Mountain Empire Chapter deployed a DAT, opened 2 shelters and supported 10 others for hundreds of overnight travelers and affected-area residents.

The Greater Richmond Chapter provided material support to the Mountain Empire Chapter and staffed State EOC.

The ARC of the National Capital Region Chapter staffed the City EOC, provided a shelter trailer and Mass Care (MC) to support liaisons required to shelter in place, and provided MC to stranded travelers at bus stations and airports.

Maryland and Delaware – The Winter Wallop Storm that dumped as much as 2 feet of snow or more throughout the region on Saturday closed airports and roads, stranded thousands of travelers.

Central Maryland Chapter staffed the State EOC.

DelMarVa Chapter staffed the Kent County EOC

Southern Maryland Chapter provided 35 cots and some blankets for use by snow plow drivers

All Community Chapters were in contact with EMA / Mass Care Primaries as needed.

West Virginia – The Winter Wallop Storm hit the state with up to 30 inches of snow, left thousands of local residents without power and stranded hundreds of travelers on Friday and Saturday.

The Central West Virginia Chapter deployed DAT, opened 4 shelters, supported 5 others, provided MC, and staffed the state EOC

The Greenbrier Valley Chapter deployed DAT, opened a shelter, placed another one on standby and provided MC for scores of stranded travelers.

The Fayette – Nicholas Chapter deployed DAT and provided support services to 8 shelters.

The Mid – Ohio Valley Chapter deployed DAT and opened 3 shelters for affected-area residents.

Kentucky – The Winter Wallop Storm caused power outages to over 100,000 residents in several counties throughout the state on Saturday. Governor declared a State of Emergency.

The Mid-East Kentucky Chapter deployed DAT, opened 2 shelters and provided assistance to local residents.

The Big Sandy Area Chapter deployed DAT, opened 14 shelters and provided MC to shelter residents.

The Daniel Boone Chapter deployed DAT and opened a shelter for residents in the affected area

Tropical Storm Ida: Update in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey

November 13, 2009
North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey – The remnants of Ida and a Nor’easter caused heavy rains and gusty winds as high as 75 mph that flooded roads, downed power lines, and left over 100,000 people without power throughout the four states on Thursday.  Multiple fatalities were blamed on the storm.

The North Carolina Chapters continue to monitor situation for the next 4 high tide periods. The Virginia Chapters opened shelters, supported others, and worked with local government agencies to address ongoing needs. The Central Maryland Chapter continued to monitor the situation and contacted coastal Community Chapters as well as the Del-Mar-Va Regional Chapter for updates. The Southern Shore Chapter deployed a Disaster Action Team (DAT), opened a shelter, and collaborated with Salvation Army for Mass Care.

Disaster Alert: Transportation incident in Virginia

April 22, 2009

Disaster Alert

Virginia – On Monday, an accident on Interstate 81 involving three tractor trailers carrying hazardous material, and a car resulted in an explosion. Residents were evacuated from their homes in the Woodstock area. The Shenandoah County Chapter provided food and water for first responders. The chapter also opened a shelter which housed 46 residents and served over 300 meals and snacks.

Disaster Alert: East Coast Winter Storms

March 2, 2009

Disaster Alert

Winter Storms: From Georgia to New York A large winter storm with snow and winds blanketed the east coast and caused some power outages and poor road conditions.

Chapters along the east coast are in touch with local authorities to assess the need for shelters, warming centers, and food distribution.


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