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May 24, 2013

North Central Texas Wildfires: Press Release 4.11.09

April 12, 2009


Wildfire Recovery Begins

American Red Cross Responding with Food and Shelter

FORT WORTH, TX (April 11, 2009) The Red Cross is responding in areas of North Central Texas affected by recent wildfires.

A Red Cross shelter is opening at 5 p.m. this evening in Montague County at St. William’s Catholic Church, 243 Union St., Montague, TX 76251. Anyone affected by the fire is welcome to stay at the shelter. Meals will be available for all shelter residents.

Red Cross disaster workers are also providing canteen services to emergency responders with meals, snacks and drinks.

Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicles (ERVs) are present in Montague and Jack counties and based at the following locations:

Montague County Sheriff’s Office/EOC
111 S. Grand
Montague, TX 76251

Twin Lakes Community Activity Center
1114 West State Hwy. 59
Jacksboro, TX 76458

Affected residents will be able to access resources available on the ERVs, such as snacks, water, towels, blankets, comfort kits with hygiene items such as toothbrushes and wash cloths, and other comfort items. There will be times of the day where the ERVs are out in the affected areas to provide assistance to families who are busy cleaning up damage from the wildfires.

Additionally, Red Cross disaster assessment teams are surveying the damage today in some of the most devastated areas of Montague, Jack, Clay and Young counties. Disaster assessment will continue through the holiday weekend.

Beginning at 1 p.m. on Monday, Red Cross client caseworkers will meet with affected families in Montague County at a Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster Assistance Center (VOADAC). A VOADAC will be open on Tuesday, April 14, at 1 p.m. in Jack County. Locations will be announced. Residents from surrounding counties are encouraged to visit one of these centers. If residents are unable to participate during these times, Red Cross assistance will still be available. The Red Cross will be present in the affected communities until services are no longer needed.

During the client casework process, residents will have time to sit down with Red Cross caseworkers to determine immediate disaster-related needs. Affected residents are encouraged to speak with their caseworker about all disaster-caused needs to see how they can help. Assistance is based on case-by-case individual family’s needs and may vary from one household to another.

Residents affected by the wildfires and needing Red Cross assistance or who would like to report damage as a result of the wildfires are encouraged to contact their local Red Cross:

• North Central Texas Chapter (Wichita Falls): (940) 322-8686
• Chisholm Trail Chapter (Fort Worth): (817) 335-9137

Individuals interested in helping victims of disaster can make a donation to the American Red Cross or contact their local chapter to volunteer. To make a donation, contact your local Red Cross, call 1-800 RED CROSS or visit

The Red Cross response is changing regularly to meet the growing needs of the affected residents. The Red Cross will provide updates as more information becomes available. Follow us on Twitter at

Tornadoes: Social Media Resources

February 11, 2009


Follow the American Red Cross and the Central Oklahoma Red Cross on Twitter.

Outside resources:

YOUR Snow Safety Tips

January 27, 2009

We asked YOU over twitter to tell us how you prepare for winter weather:


Here is what you told us:

Carydc Please also remind people to ensure they have shovels, sand, ice scrapers and snow brushes in their cars for the winter weather.

Carydc Tip for knowing where the driveway is when snow comes. Put thin flexible rods with Reflectors on them at the sides of the drive.

Carydc When going out in the cold layer clothing. You can always take off extra layers when hot, but you may not have them when cold.

NeilMcD Move to Hawaii? :)

PerlStalker Keep a 3 day supply of food and water on hand in case of getting snowed in. Keep blankets, sand/salt and a shovel in your car.

TruckerDesiree For my Job, Canned Food, Bottled Water, Candles, Matches (leave window cracked though or Carbon Monoxide), Metal Shovel, Lots of S

TruckerDesiree Diesel Conditioner so Fuel doesn’t Freeze, Warm Clothes & bedding, If you have a pet plan a storage of their foods & medicines al

BRKyle Carry BIG bag of cat litter in your trunk, especially if you have a front wheel drive car. Helps stabilize the back, helps you out

BRKyle (cont) of slippery places when you need it. Also, a good SOLID scraper and small broom are a MUST, even in this DC area.

ginarau Bundle up with a cup of something warm in front of a fire & enjoy the snowfall.

SiobhanK524 Buy hot cocoa before the grocery stores run out!

publicrelations minus weather here in nd. we dress in layers and keep our heads covered.

LaurieCicotello “What are your tips for preparing for cold, snow and ice?” 1. Pack bags. 2. Move to Honolulu. Crisis narrowly averted!! :o)

jalcide headlamps: handsfree, more packable, weatherproof and can use lithium batteries for shelf-life and cold temperature performance.

krobertory rum, coke, tivo … Plus reviewing my family disaster plan, of course.

dpbkmb We keep several of those, shake & bake hot packs in both cars in case of an extreem cold emergency. Personal heat for pennies!

BillCurnow Other than “Man Up”? Bundle in layers, stay hydrated, defrost/desnow before you drive, keep that tank full, and drive defensively.

carolARC Get your meds before the weather strikes. Have multiple safe ways to stay warm that don’t involve flames. Don’t over exert in cold

carolARC Kittie litter in trunk adds both weight & a way to get out snow when stuck. Throw in nutrition bars, blankets, sturdy shoes too!

carolARC If you get stuck in snow, please please please, stay with your car-you can hold on weeks w/ car as shelter, hours without

carolARC, it’s easier to find a car on or near a road than a tiny person lost in the woods

SweetieAndSam Ice Storm Tip For Dogs: Lay terry towels down on concrete, helps prevent injuries from slipping on sidewalks & porches when dogs go outside

Thank you to each and every one of you for sharing your winter safety tips with us and our followers. Do you have other suggestions? Leave a comment below.

Tips to stay safe in the snow

January 27, 2009
Weather Warnings Map Courtesy of NOAA

Weather Warnings Map Courtesy of NOAA

According to the FEMA National Situation Update at least 14 states are expected to experience severe winter weather over the next 24 hours.

    Here’s how you can prepare:


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