Disaster Alert: Transportation Incident in Indiana

July 28, 2012

Disaster Alert

Indiana– A crop-dusting helicopter crashed in a soy bean field in Jefferson County on Friday. One injury reported.

The Jefferson County Chapter deployed team members and provided canteen services to emergency responders.

Disaster Alert: Transportation Incident in Connecticut

July 27, 2012

Disaster Alert

Connecticut– A small plane crashed in Hartford County on Thursday. One fatality reported.

The Connecticut Chapter communicated with local Emergency Management and provided Mental Health services.The Disaster Operations Center at National Headquarters contacted the National Transportation Safety Board.

Disaster Alert: Transportation Incident in Washington

July 25, 2012

Disaster Alert

Washington– A small non-commercial plane which was scheduled to land in Sequim around 8 am on Tuesday, July 24, never made it; this prompted a search and rescue effort which may last several days.

The Apple Valley Chapter is working with Southern Baptist to provide feeding for about 50 search and rescue workers. The chapter tried to contact the family. The Disaster Operations Center contacted the National Transportation and Safety Board.

Disaster Alert: Transportation Incident in Maryland

September 30, 2010

Disaster Alert

Maryland – A private charter bus crashed in Montgomery County yesterday, killing the bus driver, and injuring a number of passengers and one person in another vehicle.

The ARC of the National Capital Area chapter placed Disaster Mental Health and Disaster Health Services staff on standby. The chapter offered assistance to the bus company and the Montgomery County Department of Emergency Management.

Disaster Alert: Transportation Incident / Multi Family Fire in New Jersey

April 20, 2010

Disaster Alert

New Jersey – Hundreds of travelers were stranded at Newark’s Liberty Airport since Saturday due to the volcanic activity in Iceland that cancelled thousands of international flights worldwide.

The ARC of Northern New Jersey Chapter worked closely with Continental Airlines and the Port Authority to provide assistance for the travelers in the form of 200 cots, 200 blankets and 300 comfort kits. They will continue assistance until flights return to normal.

In a separate incident, a large four-alarm fire in Union City, NJ destroyed 2 buildings, damaged 2 others and prompted the evacuation of dozens of local residents on Sunday.

The Chapter deployed a Disaster Action Team, worked with the city to house displaced residents in hotels and provided food and clothing to disaster victims.


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