Disaster Alert: Winter Storm in Oklahoma

February 10, 2011

Disaster Alert

Oklahoma – Heavy snow and strong winds created hazardous conditions in Enid, Pawhuska and Tulsa among other cities yesterday. There were reports of dozens of injuries related to this incident. The State activated the Emergency Operations Center.

The Tulsa Area Chapter opened warming stations for stranded travelers and placed other volunteers on alert.

Chapters throughout the state placed shelters on standby.

State and other local Emergency Operations Centers are staffed by local ARC volunteers.

Video: Winter Storm in Kansas City

February 4, 2011

American Red Cross volunteer Sherri Odell shares her experiences responding to open a shelter during the 2011 blizzard.

Disaster Alert: Winter Weather in New Mexico

February 4, 2011

Disaster Alert

New Mexico – The loss of gas and power affected thousands of residents throughout the state and prompted them to evacuate from their homes due to the cold weather.

The Governor declared a State of Emergency.

Disaster Action Team members from the ARC in New Mexico Chapter opened shelters, supported others, provided Mass Care, staffed local Emergency Operations Centers and placed resources on standby should additional assistance be necessary.

Disaster Update: Stranded Passengers in Colorado

February 2, 2011

Disaster Update

Colorado – As travel corridors start to open up, Greyhound has revised the number of stranded residents down to roughly 30 passengers. Instead of opening a separate shelter, the Red Cross will be dropping off cots and blankets at the downtown terminal between 4:30pm and 4:45pm today

American Red Cross Mile High Chapter

Disaster Update: Winter Storm Shelters in OK

February 2, 2011

Disaster Update

Oklahoma – Red Cross is closing its stranded motorist shelters in all communities except Vinita and Miami. The Red Cross, working with local and area emergency, law enforcement and other agencies has been successful in helping people get back to their vehicles and safely on their way.

We expect that the shelters in Miami and Vinita will remain open at least through tonight.

The next Red Cross operations briefing will be Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 in our Emergency Operations Center. Media is welcome to attend the briefing at the Tulsa Area Chapter, located at 11th & Hwy. 169.

Red Cross Stranded Motorist Shelter locations remaining open:


Disaster Update: Winter Storm Operations in Tulsa, OK

February 2, 2011

Disaster Alert

Oklahoma – The Red Cross housed 65-70 people overnight in its stranded motorist shelters, providing people who could not reach their destinations with a safe, warm place to stay, a cot, and hot meals.

Today, the Red Cross will focus on assisting our shelter residents get back to their vehicles and safely on their way as soon as possible, although our shelters will remain in operation as long as needed. Red Cross will work with area and local emergency, law enforcement and other agencies on transportation for the shelter residents.

The stranded motorist shelter that was opened in Warner will close this morning due to lack of need.

The next Red Cross operations briefing will be Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 in our Emergency Operations Center. Media is welcome to attend the briefing at the Tulsa Area Chapter, located at 11th & Hwy. 169.

Both Red Cross Centers in Tulsa and all Red Cross blood drives in Oklahoma have been cancelled today.

This will increase the number of units lost since the storm started to 500+.

Blood deliveries are being made to area hospitals as they requested it.

Red Cross Stranded Motorist Shelter locations:


Disaster Alert: Winter Storms in Mississipi, Texas, East Coast States

February 12, 2010

Disaster Alert

Mississippi – Inclement weather affected residents in Hancock, Harrison and Forrest Counties on Thursday.

The South Central Mississippi Chapter opened 2 shelters in Forrest County for local area residents. The Mississippi Gulf Coast Chapter opened a shelter in Hancock and Harrison Counties for travelers and affected-area residents.

Texas – A record-breaking winter storm that continued to effect several parts of the state, particularly in the Dallas/Ft. Worth region, left thousands of residents without power on Thursday.

All chapters placed shelters on stand-by, contacted local emergency management and are ready to respond, if necessary.

East Coast Storms – Thousands of residents throughout several states and the District of Columbia continue to be affected by power outages because of the Nor’easter and blizzard that occurred on Tuesday through Wednesday on top of the weekend storm.

Delaware was placed under a State of Emergency yesterday.

Chapters within the affected areas kept dozens of shelters open and provided Mass Care for local residents, as well as stranded travelers, and continued to collaborate with government agencies and community organizations to provide support as needed.


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