Typhoon Ketsana: Fast Facts

October 6, 2009



  • More than 3.9 million people, or about 512,000 families, are believed to have been affected when Typhoon Ketsana made landfall more than a week ago
  • According to government officials (as of Oct. 6):
    • 277 people have died
    • 45 people are missing
    • 2,500 houses are destroyed, 4,600 severely damaged and 2,000 partially damaged
  • Philippine National Red Cross volunteers continue to distribute relief supplies for an initial 13,000 families. They are also providing:
    • water and sanitation services
    • health care
    • shelter (318,000 people in 505 evacuation centers)
  • The American Red Cross has contributed an initial $100,000 worth of relief supplies (jerry cans, insecticide-treated bed nets and blankets) from its warehouse in Kuala Lumpur and deployed an additional $400,000 and a shelter specialist from the United States to help


  • An estimated 3 million people are believed to have been affected by heavy rainfall and flooding caused by Typhoon Ketsana
  • According to government officials (as of Oct. 6):
    • 170 people have died
    • 252 people are injured
    • 13 people are missing
    • 180,000 houses are damaged or destroyed
  • The Vietnam Red Cross volunteers helped to evacuate 160,000 people from low-lying areas and have since been providing lifesaving support
  • The American Red Cross has contributed an initial $50,000 to support these local relief efforts


  • At least 1,000 were evacuated when Typhoon Ketsana brought heavy rain and wind
  • According to government officials (as of Oct. 5):
    • 12 people have died
    • 38 people are injured
  • The Cambodian Red Cross has distributed food and shelter materials to approximately 960 families


  • Approximately 250,000 are believed to be affected by Typhoon Ketsana
  • According to government officials (as of Oct. 5):
    • 16 people have died
    • 120 people are injured
    • 143 people are missing
    • 37,500 have been displaced
  • At least 120 Lao Red Cross volunteers and 25 employees were mobilized to help evacuate flood victims and have since been assisting 3,500 people recover from this storm

Typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy) in Philippines and Vietnam

September 28, 2009


The American Red Cross is monitoring the situation and remains in communication with our Red Cross partners in the area. Although there hasn’t been an appeal for international assistance, the American Red Cross is prepared to mobilize support, including relief supplies, trained personnel or financial assistance if necessary.

  • The Philippines Red Cross is providing search and rescue services and mobilizing hundreds of volunteers to assist stranded families fleeing the rising waters. It is operating 130 evacuation centers serving nearly 75,000 people with food and shelter.
  • The Vietnam Red Cross is preparing for the typhoon’s landfall today. It has evacuated people in flood-prone areas, put volunteers trained in search and rescue on standby and pre-positioned food and other relief items.

Ondoy Path Through Philippines

Monsoon in Philippines

September 27, 2009


NOTE: We are still waiting to hear if our sister society needs our help, but if you want to help build the fund we use to respond to international emergencies, consider our International  Response Fund.  You can find ways to donate directly to the Philippines Red Cross on their website, and you can find additional information at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Latest info we have from the Philippines Red Cross:

While Typhoon Ondoy is now in the South China Sea, however it enhanced the southwest monsoon. Some areas in Metro Manila are still flooded and undetermined number of residents are still trapped in the flooding. The Philippine National Red Cross still conducts water search and rescue operations (WASAR) in Cainta, Rizal; Pasig and Marikina. A total of 9 teams are still working round the clock to penetrate heavily flooded areas as of this reporting.

Rapid assessment is currently being conducted by the affected Chapters.

2,500 people have been assisted by the Red Cross
75 people were killed, 40 are still missing
96,138 people are affected
160 RC staff and 280 RC volunteers are on the ground helping


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