Disaster Alert: Fire in Maryland

July 25, 2012

Disaster Alert

Maryland– A multi-alarm fire involving four buildings in Prince Georges County.

The National Capital Chapter responded by opening a shelter for the displaced residents and is conducting damage assessment.

Disaster Alert: Condemned Building in Maryland

July 12, 2012

Disaster Alert

Maryland– An earlier storm prompted officials to condemn a 65 unit apartment unit in Prince George’s County yesterday. Residents have been evacuated from the apartment complex.

The ARC in the National Capital Region opened a shelter for the evacuees. The chapter has 6 volunteers, an Emergency Response Vehicle and 2 shelter trailers on standby.

Disaster Alert: Possible Tornado in Maryland

November 17, 2010

Disaster Alert

Maryland – A possible tornado touched down in Towson and Baltimore city yesterday downing trees, power lines, leaving over 21,000 residents with no power. Preliminary assessment shows minor damage to homes and major damage to about 40 units in an apartment complex.

The Central Maryland Chapter opened two reception centers and is conducting damage assessment this morning. Emergency Response Vehicles (ERVs) from Delmarva Chapter, ARC of Southern Maryland and Washington County Chapters deploy to Baltimore to conduct mass care operations in the affected areas as the situation dictates. They are aiming for mobile feeding of a lunch today.

The Chapter will advise as more information is known.

Disaster Alert: Winter Storm in Mid-Atlantic

February 9, 2010

Disaster Alert

Winter Storm
Thousands of residents throughout several states and the District of Columbia continue to be affected by power outages as a result of the winter storm that occurred over the weekend. In addition, a major Nor’easter storm is forecast for today. Several Winter Storm Warnings and Advisories are in effect.

North Carolina; West Virginia; Virginia; Maryland; Washington DC; Pennsylvania; Delaware; New Jersey
Chapters within the affected areas kept dozens of shelters open and provided Mass Care for local residents, as well as stranded travelers, and continued to collaborate with government agencies and community organizations to provide support as needed.

Disaster Alert: Floods in Florida and Maryland

December 18, 2009

Disaster Alert

Florida – Flash flooding affected the local residents of Bonifay and the counties of Holmes, Sneeds, and Jacksons on Thursday. The ARC of Northwest Florida Chapter and the Central Panhandle Chapter deployed Disaster Action Teams (DAT). Volunteers from the Central Panhandle Chapter opened a shelter for affected-area residents.

Maryland – A water main break in Baltimore County affected dozens of homes on Thursday. The Central Maryland Chapter deployed a DAT, placed a shelter on stand-by and staffed the county EOC.

Tropical Storm Ida: Update in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey

November 13, 2009
North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey – The remnants of Ida and a Nor’easter caused heavy rains and gusty winds as high as 75 mph that flooded roads, downed power lines, and left over 100,000 people without power throughout the four states on Thursday.  Multiple fatalities were blamed on the storm.

The North Carolina Chapters continue to monitor situation for the next 4 high tide periods. The Virginia Chapters opened shelters, supported others, and worked with local government agencies to address ongoing needs. The Central Maryland Chapter continued to monitor the situation and contacted coastal Community Chapters as well as the Del-Mar-Va Regional Chapter for updates. The Southern Shore Chapter deployed a Disaster Action Team (DAT), opened a shelter, and collaborated with Salvation Army for Mass Care.

Disaster Alert: Severe Weather in Maryland

June 10, 2009

Disaster Alert

Maryland– A strong weather squall swept through Baltimore County flooding and damaging homes, downing power lines and cutting off power to approximately 38,000 residents yesterday afternoon.  The severe weather is also believed to be responsible for causing house fires in Anne Arundel and Howard Counties. The Central Maryland Chapter deployed a Disaster Action Team which administered individual assistance to the disaster victims. Two  Emergency Response Vehicles provided food and water to emergency responders and residents in the affected area.


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