PHOTOS: Miami National Hurricane Center and EOC

August 24, 2012

Isaac: National Hurricane Center

Isaac: Miami-Dade County EOC Isaac: National Hurricane Center

Disaster Alert: Severe Weather in Connecticut and Rhode Island

July 27, 2012

Disaster Alert

Connecticut and Rhode Island– Severe Storms downed trees, severed power lines and left thousands of residents within the state without power on Thursday.

The Connecticut Chapter deployed an ARC Liaison to staff the State Emergency Operations Center. The chapter will continue to monitor the situation and provide further response as needed.

Disaster Alert: Wildfire in Nevada

January 20, 2012

Disaster Alert

Nevada – A wildfire burned thousands of acres, destroyed homes and prompted the evacuations of thousands of residents in Washoe County on Thursday.

City, County and State States of Emergency declared.

The Northern Nevada chapter deployed Disaster Action Team members opened an evacuation center / shelter, provided Mass Care and staffed Emergency Operations Center.

Disaster Alert: Severe Weather in Florida

December 2, 2009

Disaster Alert

Florida – Severe weather is forecast for much of the South Area through today, including heavy rain, strong winds, and floods. The Florida State Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is activated partially at level 2. The Central Florida Chapter is currently identifying potential shelter locations and placing volunteers on alert.

Disaster Alert: Severe Weather in Louisiana

October 30, 2009

Disaster Alert

Louisiana – A severe storm system throughout the region caused a tornado to touch down damaging homes and affecting dozens of others in Bossier Parrish Thursday night. The Northwest Louisiana Chapter deployed a Disaster Action Team (DAT), opened a shelter, staffed the county Emergency Operations Center (EOC); and partnered with a local vendor to provide food and drinks. The Central Louisiana Chapter provided individual assistance to those affected in the area.


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