Disaster Alert: Severe Weather in DC, MD, and VA

June 30, 2012

Washington DC / Maryland/ Virginia – Severe Weather
A round of severe thunderstorms damaged homes, downed trees, closed roads and left over a million residents within the tri-state area without power on Friday.

The National Capital Area Chapter deployed Disaster Action Team members, opened a shelter and provided assistance as needed to disaster victims.

Chapter will open cooling stations later today.

The Roanoke Region communicated with Emergency Management Agencies, opened cooling centers and provided canteen services.

Disaster Alert: Winter Storm in Mid-Atlantic

February 9, 2010

Disaster Alert

Winter Storm
Thousands of residents throughout several states and the District of Columbia continue to be affected by power outages as a result of the winter storm that occurred over the weekend. In addition, a major Nor’easter storm is forecast for today. Several Winter Storm Warnings and Advisories are in effect.

North Carolina; West Virginia; Virginia; Maryland; Washington DC; Pennsylvania; Delaware; New Jersey
Chapters within the affected areas kept dozens of shelters open and provided Mass Care for local residents, as well as stranded travelers, and continued to collaborate with government agencies and community organizations to provide support as needed.

Disaster Alert: Train Crash in Washington, DC

June 23, 2009

Disaster Alert

Washington, DC — Two 6 car WMATA Metro trains collided just after 5 p.m. EDT on June 22 resulting in a mass casualty situation. The National Capital Area chapter sent blankets, 5 Emergency Response Vehicles and several vans to provide meals, snacks and hydration to the emergency workers.  The chapter staffed DC Homeland Security Family Reunification center with FEMA and mental health workers were deployed.

Disaster Alert: East Coast Winter Storms

March 2, 2009

Disaster Alert

Winter Storms: From Georgia to New York A large winter storm with snow and winds blanketed the east coast and caused some power outages and poor road conditions.

Chapters along the east coast are in touch with local authorities to assess the need for shelters, warming centers, and food distribution.


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