Disaster Update: Tornado Response in Arkansas

April 29, 2014

Video: North Texas Red Cross Volunteers Headed to Arkansas to Support Tornado Relief

April 28, 2014

Video: Eastern Virginia Volunteers Respond to North Carolina Tornadoes

April 28, 2014

Disaster Update: Severe Weather in North Carolina

April 28, 2014

North Carolina – A line of severe storms caused tornado activity and flooding that damaged homes as well as structures and left thousands of residents without power in the eastern portion of the state on Friday. Multiple injuries reported.

Disaster Action Team Members from the Eastern North Carolina Region opened two shelters for residents within the affected area, collaborated with other organizations for Mass Care, provided individual assistance and conducted bulk distribution.

Disaster Update: Tornadoes and Severe Weather in KS, MO, AR, OK, TN,

April 28, 2014

The Red Cross is helping people in Arkansas and several other states by providing shelter, food, relief supplies, health and mental health services to those affected.

Arkansas – Severe storms caused tornado activity in several portions of the state that destroyed and damaged homes closed a major highway and left thousands without power on Sunday. The Red Cross communicated with Emergency Management, deployed team members, opened shelters, supported others and provided assistance to residents affected by the storm as needed.

More than 200 people spent Sunday night in shelters in Arkansas that were opened or supported by Red Cross workers. Red Cross emergency vehicles will be distributing food throughout the affected areas. Mental health support will also be available to help people cope with the aftermath.

Kansas – A line of severe storms caused tornado activity that damaged homes in Cherokee County on Sunday. A State of Emergency is declared. Team members from the Red Cross were deployed to the scene to assess damage and determine response for affected residents.

Missouri – Widespread storms threatened residents in several portions of the state, caused damages and disrupted traffic on Sunday. Tornado Watches and Warnings are in effect. The Red Cross talked with local Emergency Management and is monitoring in preparation of response.

Oklahoma – A line of severe storms caused tornado activity and flooding that damaged homes as well as buildings and affected residents in multiple counties in the state on Sunday. The Red Cross communicated with Emergency Management, deployed team members to provide assistance to residents within the affected area and opened a shelter.

Tennessee – A strong and slow moving storm system with the potential for large hail, damaging winds and tornado activity was forecast for portions of the state late Sunday thru Tuesday. The Red Cross placed resources on standby in anticipation of response to the storm.

Disaster Update: Washington Landslide Response

April 22, 2014

The Red Cross is still responding to the Washington landslides one month later:

  • Red Cross workers are meeting one-on-one with residents to learn about their individual needs, create personal recovery plans, provide support for their individual recovery needs, and locate assistance from other agencies.
  • The Red Cross is providing direct financial support to people who need extra help, including assistance with funeral expenses, travel and housing expenses for out-of-town relatives, mental health counseling and increased fuel costs due to the closure of SR530.
  • The Red Cross is also supporting people whose homes were damaged or destroyed by the landslide with resources to help replace furniture and pay for security deposits, rent and utilities.  

Red Cross assistance is still available. People who need help should call 425-740-2325.

Since the March 22 landslide, the Red Cross has mobilized five response vehicles and a total of more than 500 trained workers – about half of them from Washington State. These Red Cross workers have served more than 29,000 meals and snacks, handed out more than 7,000 comfort and relief items, and provided more than 8,000 mental health or health-related contacts. In addition, Red Cross shelters have provided 142 overnight stays.


Disaster Update: South Korea Ferry Incident

April 17, 2014

A passenger ship with 459 people aboard, mostly high school students, sank in waters off South Korea’s

southwest coast Wednesday morning, leaving hundreds of passengers still missing.

As of Wednesday evening, the Korean Red Cross had sent 50 volunteers and seven staff members to the site shortly after the accident occurred. They distributed 500 blankets and set up a mobile kitchen to provide hot meals to families waiting for news of missing loved ones. The Korean Red Cross has also set up a relief unit to respond to any needs for the rescued and to other hundreds of waiting there.



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