Disaster Alert: Severe Weather in Missouri

March 28, 2014

Disaster Alert

Missouri - A severe thunderstorm with possible tornado activity caused damages in Grundy County on Thursday.

The Greater Kansas City Chapter offered services to affected residents.

Disaster Alert: Wildfire in Nebraska

March 28, 2014

Disaster Alert

Nebraska - A large grass burned several miles of land and destroyed cattle in Howard County on Thursday.

The Central Plains Chapter deployed Team Members who provided canteen services for emergency responders.

Photos: Washington Landslide

March 27, 2014

WA Landslide Response

WA Landslide Response

WA Landslide Response

WA landslide response

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Disaster Update: Washington Landslide

March 27, 2014

The Red Cross is providing shelter, food, water, emotional support, health services and spiritual care to Oso, WA residents, their families, and emergency responders. Nearly 20 people are staying in Red Cross shelters.

Red Cross Family Care Centers providing information, meals, emotional support and childcare services will be opening in the coming days.

Because of the difficult nature of this event, there are local mental health and spiritual care volunteers who are caring for families who have lost loved ones and are waiting for word on the missing. Health services volunteers are reaching out to the families of the injured.

The Red Cross is also working in partnership with volunteers from Southern Baptist Disaster Relief to provide meals, snacks and drinks for the first responders.

Since Saturday, the Red Cross has mobilized four response vehicles and more than 100-trained workers to provide support. These workers have served 5,200 meals and snacks, and handed out dozens of comfort kits.

Disaster Update: Building Collapse in NY

March 12, 2014

New York -  The American Red Cross Greater New York region is providing assistance to those affected by this morning’s building explosion at 116th Street and Park Avenue in East Harlem. 

Several teams of Red Cross disaster responders, including mental health professionals, are at the scene. A Red Cross reception center has been opened at nearby PS 57 for affected residents and their family members.

Disaster Update: Ukrainian Red Cross Responds to Unrest in Ukraine

March 4, 2014
Disaster Update
Ukraine - The Ukrainian Red Cross has been responding to unrest in Ukraine since its onset in November 2013. In particular during the period of violent clashes between protesters and government security forces and police between February 18 and 21, Red Cross emergency response teams worked around the clock, providing first aid to the wounded from both sides and transporting them to hospitals. During the most intense three days, the Red Cross provided first aid to more than 660 people—both protesters and members of the security forces.
The Ukrainian Red Cross’s response has continued with the ouster of the former president and change to an opposition-led government during the days between February 21 and 27.  At present, with Russian troops positioned in Crimea and the threat of open hostilities between Russian and Ukrainian military forces, as well as continued unrest among the population of Ukraine in many localities, Red Cross response teams remain on duty day and night, continuing to perform emergency health and first aid activities.
Immediate priorities are to ensure the availability of emergency and first aid kits across the country, support training and movement of volunteers, and provide logistical assistance to local Red Cross responders.
It is critical that all parties understand the role and impartiality of Red Cross volunteers. During clashes in Kyiv, six Red Cross volunteers were injured. In addition to providing psychosocial support to volunteers, the Ukrainian Red Cross has distributed materials about Red Cross emblem use and protection through leaflets, mass media, and liaising with local medical facilities.

Disaster Alert: Winter Storm in KY/WV/TN/MT

March 3, 2014

Kentucky / West Virginia:
A wintry mix of heavy snow, sleet, rain, and freezing rain continued to impact the two states as the storm moves into the Northeast overnight. The Red Cross is continuing to monitor the situation and has mobilized resources in anticipation of response to the storm.

A storm system dumped ice and snow that caused major road hazards and left thousands of residents without power in the state on Sunday. The Red Cross participated in conference calls, communicated with local and state Emergency Management Agencies, and placed shelter and shelter teams on stand-by.

An avalanche at an urban area in Missoula County made roads in accessible to homes and destroyed at least one residence. The Red Cross deployed Disaster Action Team Members, opened a shelter for residents within the affected area and provided feeding to first responders at a warming center.


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