Photos: Oklahoma Tornado Damage

February 13, 2009

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Okahoma Tornado Damage 2.11.2009

Okahoma Tornado Damage 2.11.2009

Okahoma Tornado Damage 2.11.2009

Okahoma Tornado Damage 2.11.2009

Tornado damage 2.11.09 026

Winter Storms and Tornadoes: Shelter Update

February 13, 2009

shelterinfoNumbers are changing throughout the day as communications are restored and better numbers are called in. As ice melts people are  able to leave their homes and go to a warming center or a place for a hot meal.

Please Note: This information does not include the shelter that was opened last night in Buffalo, New York.

  • Total American Red Cross Managed and Partner shelters: 6
  • Total population of American Red Cross Managed and Partner shelters: 73

Please see the breakdown below.

Kentucky 01/09 Ice Storms

  • Total number of ARC Managed and Partner Shelters: 5
  • Total Occupants at Midnight: 63

Oklahoma 2/09 Tornadoes

  • Total number of ARC Managed and Partner Shelters: 1
  • Total Occupants at Midnight: 10

Tornadoes: Social Media Resources

February 11, 2009


Follow the American Red Cross and the Central Oklahoma Red Cross on Twitter.

Outside resources:

Disaster Alert: Tornadoes in Texas

February 11, 2009

Texas – Tornadoes touched down in a number of counties yesterday resulting in damage and leaving some homes and businesses without power.

  • Numerous homes were damaged in Colleyville.
  • A ten block section in Hamilton is without power and several homes and outer buildings had varying degrees of damages.
  • In the city of Wylie in Collin County there were no reports of residential damage.

Red Cross teams will be out today to offer clean up kits and food to affected families.

Chapters Responding:

Disaster Alert: Tornadoes in Oklahoma

February 11, 2009

Disaster Alert

Oklahoma – Several violent tornadoes touched down in the state resulting in damages and power outages yesterday.

  • Early reports from Edmond  show 20 homes  were damaged and several businesses were destroyed in a shopping center.
  • Early reports from Logan County show about 15 mobile homes damaged and 4 homes were damaged in Meridian.
  • A touchdown in a mobile home park in Lone Grove resulted in a gas leak that resulted in the evacuation of about three hundred families.

The Red Cross had several shelters ready to assist people in need, and we served snacks and drinks to first responders. Teams will be going out today to assess the extent of damages.

Chapters Responding:

Handout: Tornado Safety Checklist

February 10, 2009

There are unconfirmed reports of tornadoes in Oklahoma. If you are currently under a tornado warning go to a basement or other area safe from flying glass.

Stay Safe, be informed:

Click the image to enlarge

Tornado safety checklist


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