Press Release: American Red Cross Offers Clean-Up Service Delivery in Yazoo and Humphreys Counties

June 15, 2011

American Red Cross Offers Clean-Up Service Delivery in Yazoo and Humphreys Counties

JACKSON, June 15, 2011 – The American Red Cross will be assisting Mississippi families affected by the river flooding this weekend. The humanitarian organization will distribute clean-up items in Yazoo and Humphreys Counties Saturday and Sunday. Items include water, snacks, juice, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, insect repellant, chapstick, bleach, rubber totes, shovels, rakes, dust masks, trash bags and paper towels.

Supplies will be available beginning at 10 a.m. until they last. Locations are as follows:

Saturday, June 18: Hines Broadlake Grocery Hwy. 49 W in the Wolf Lake Area

Sunday, June 19: Davis Grocery at 300 Plum St. in Satartia

American Red Cross caseworkers began canvassing flood-affected neighborhoods in those counties earlier this week. Mobile feeding is also available as areas open up to residents.

Press Release: American Red Cross Continues to Help Those Affected by Ongoing Flooding

June 15, 2011

American Red Cross Continues to Help Those Affected by Ongoing Flooding

Bozeman, MONTANA – June 14, 2011 – The American Red Cross continues to deliver relief supplies to affected communities throughout Montana.

On Monday volunteers delivered clean up and family kits to Great Falls for distribution to homes in Sun River and throughout Cascade County.

Additionally, trucks delivered a small number of clean-up kits to Phillipsburg, Drummond and Deer Lodge on Monday. Clean-up supplies are pre-positioned for distribution when families begin recovery.

On Thursday, the Red Cross will coordinate with area emergency services personnel in Lewis and Clark County to make remote deliveries of clean-up kits to families – house by house – in affected communities in greater Helena.

Outreach teams consisting of mental health, health services, and client casework personnel continue to serve affected communities, studying needs and providing additional recovery resources in a timely manner.

Sheltering and feeding continue at Crow Agency to ensure families who are unable to return to damaged structures have a safe place to stay. A total of 239 meals were served Monday.

Videos: Red Cross Relief in Mississippi

June 15, 2011

American Red Cross distributes supplies to assist families in Mississippi affected by the river flooding. The humanitarian organization does its work thanks to the money, time and blood of generous Americans.

Eagle Lake, MS resident Patricia Bailey describes the supplies she is picking up at an American Red Cross bulk distribution site near Vicksburg. She is thankful for the help.

Fast Facts: Spring Storms Response

June 15, 2011

The statistics below reflect total American Red Cross service deliveries since the beginning of major spring storm response on March 31st. This includes:

Tornadoes in Kentucky, Virginia, Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Alabama, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Iowa, Florida, Kansas, Minnesota, Texas, Missouri, Massachusetts.

Flooding in Tennessee, Vermont, New York, Arkansas, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alaska, Montana, Oklahoma, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Iowa.

Wildfires in Texas

To date, the Red Cross has:

Photos: Flooding in South Dakota, Montana

June 14, 2011

South Dakota Flooding 2011

South Dakota Flooding 2011 South Dakota Flooding 2011 South Dakota Flooding 2011

Flooding in Montana

See entire “2011 Spring Floods” set on Flickr >>

Photos: Mississippi Flooding

June 13, 2011

Mississippi Flooding 2011

Mississippi Flooding 2011 Mississippi Flooding 2011 Mississippi Flooding 2011Mississippi Flooding 2011

See entire “2011 Spring Floods” set on Flickr >>

Story: Holding onto optimism three weeks after the tornado

June 10, 2011

This story was written by Bill Fitler, Red Cross worker in Minneapolis.

Minnesota Floods 2011
Cots placed in a circle help families create private spaces in the Red Cross shelter sleeping area at North Commons Recreation Center in Minneapolis. Photo credit: Amanda Mark/American Red Cross

“I’ll never forget that day,” says Dennis Parker Sr. while sitting down for breakfast at the Red Cross shelter at North Commons Recreations Center nearly 3 weeks after the tornado ripped through north Minneapolis.

“It started raining, it got real windy. I didn’t hear the siren until it was all over,” recalls Parker. “When the tornado came, it sounded like a bunch of trains. Bang! Bang! Bang! The tornado ripped the trees right out of the ground. It laid down five of them on our house, and we had a tree limb in our attic. Our basement flooded. It didn’t touch the neighbors on either side of us.”

Parker’s speech is animated as he describes how he, his wife, and four children sought refuge in their house during the storm, but his voice loses some intensity as he shares details about his family’s experiences looking for a new place to call home.

“My wife is in the computer room looking for other places for us to live. We’ll go visit anything she finds, and then we may go to the library. Yesterday we checked out a couple of apartments, but landlords don’t want to rent to us because we’re low income.”

For Parker, shelter life is something he has come to accept. The shelter’s sleeping area is in the North Commons gym. While not very private, each family has tucked their cots closely together, leaving any extra space they can manage between the different family groups. Families with small children have arranged a little play area in the middle of the cots for them.

“The Red Cross has been doing the best they can,” says Parker. “These people we call family, we’re all in the sandbox together. I kind of like being here. We really haven’t had any problems.”

During a graduation party held in the park behind North Commons a few days ago, and how the party organizers donated the rest of their food to those living in the shelter. He helped by cooking at the center’s outdoor grill.

That night, Parker met with a local group that’s helping people find new places to live after the storm. Parker says he’s holding onto optimism for him and his family.

“They were very uplifting, very reassuring,” he says. “They say ‘soon.’ Maybe we’ll find out today.”


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