Press Release: Families Meet with Red Cross Caseworkers

Families Meet with Red Cross Caseworkers

PENSACOLA, FL, June 15, 2012 – With sunny skies predicted for this weekend in Northwest Florida, families affected by last weekend’s flooding are looking forward to something positive in addition to the weather. As they spoke with trained Red Cross caseworkers for assistance in meeting their disaster-caused needs, many are finding the bright spot they need.

Brittany Augustine and her two-year old daughter, Jahbria, lost their clothes and bedding as the water rose in their apartment. Augustine used blankets and pillows to try to stop the rising water around the doors, but instead was forced to flee with her daughter.

Betty Fountain is a diabetic on a special diet, but she lost all her refrigerated food because the power was off in the entire apartment complex for four days. The replacement of those items was just part of what was discussed in her conversation with the Red Cross caseworker.

Today both Augustine and Fountain met with Red Cross caseworkers to assess their immediate needs, and to get the assistance they need to start getting their lives back on track. While maybe not considered essential, part of that assistance included a new teddy bear for Jahbri.

“Sixty percent of the needs we’re seeing are food, housing, and medical issues,” said Client Casework Supervisor, Malu Armesto, “and, of course, emotional support.” The 33-year veteran volunteer from Panama City added, “We want to be sure that the clients’ needs are met.”

The Red Cross continues to provide food, shelter, and individual assistance to those affected by the flooding. One-on-one meetings with those forced from their homes last week will continue until all identified disaster-caused needs have been met.

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