Press Release: American Red Cross Responds to Tornados in Southeast Colorado

American Red Cross Responds to Tornados in Southeast Colorado

Friday, April 27, 2012 – Pikes Peak Chapter of the American Red Cross is responding across Southeast Colorado, where several tornadoes ripped through communities overnight, destroying buildings and downing power lines. Red Cross volunteers will be providing disaster assistance to the families of communities of Prowers and Kiowa Counties in Southeastern Colorado.

“Red Cross trained volunteers will be working with individuals in the affected communities to assess their immediate needs. This will include sheltering, food, comfort kits with hygiene products, replacement of clothing and medications. Clean up kits will also be handed out. Over the next few days our grief and trauma volunteers will be available as this is a difficult time.” said spokesperson Catherine Barde.

A Red Cross Mobile Vehicle has been sent to provide emergency responders with food and snacks in both Prowers and Kiowa Counties.

Red Cross Disaster Action Team Volunteers met with family in Chivington, Colorado requesting assistance due to complete loss of home.

Families in the affect communities may contact Pikes Peak Chapter directly for disaster assistance.

Tornado season extends throughout June. It is important to take proactive preparedness steps to ensure the safety of individuals and families. Preparedness can help save lives.

Be Red Cross Ready Checklist:

  • Know what emergencies or disasters most likely to occur in the community
  • Have a family disaster plan and practice it
  • Have an emergency preparedness kit
  • Have at least one member of the household trained in first aid and CPR/AED
  • Take action to help community prepare

As people begin to deal with the aftermath of the tornadoes, the Red Cross reminds them to return to their neighborhood only when officials say it is safe to do so. They should also:

  • Stay out of damaged buildings. Wear long pants, long-sleeved shirts and sturdy shoes.
  • Avoid fallen power lines or broken gas lines – immediately report them to the utility companies.
  • If someone smells gas or hears a hissing noise, they should open a window, get everyone out of the building immediately and call the gas company or fire department
  • Use flashlights, not candles when examining buildings.

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