Disaster Update: Flooding in Peru

Disaster Update

Hydro-meteorological disturbances and the La Niña weather pattern have worsened Peru’s annual rainy season, causing major flooding across the country affecting an estimated 650,000 people. In addition to the large number of homes and business affected, roads have also been badly damaged making the distribution of relief supplies very challenging.

On March 29th three-quarters of Peru’s departments (states) declared a state of emergency. The Peruvian Red Cross plans to help 4,000 people in the most affected department, Loreto, with locally purchased relief items, access to safe water, disease prevention efforts, and activities to improve conditions in evacuation centers.

The American Red Cross has committed $100,000 to the Peruvian Red Cross response efforts for relief supplies and technical support. The American Red Cross continues to monitor the situation and stands ready to provide additional assistance as needed.

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