Press Release: Wichita Red Cross Sheltering and Feeding Displaced Families

Wichita Red Cross Sheltering and Feeding Displaced Families

WICHITA, Kan., 4/15/12 – The American Red Cross is working the morning after severe weather and tornadoes displaced people and families throughout south-central Kansas. Today, the Red Cross shelter at 801 E. Market, in Derby, Kan. remains open, where mental health counseling has been available.

“Interestingly, despite all the assistance a person will receive through their recovery process, what people tend to remember most is that someone stopped to show they cared,” said James Williams, Red Cross spokesperson. “Taking care of yourself emotionally is just as important as recovering physically.”

Red Cross continues to evolve with the community’s needs. Today Red Cross will be focusing on feeding, sheltering and damage assessment, which gives Red Cross a better picture of how it should respond.

“The recovery is still in its infant stages,” Williams said. “As the community’s needs change, Red Cross will adapt to provide the appropriate assistance.”

There are ways people can and cannot help. While well intended, in-kind donations of clothing, food, water or other supplies are not needed. Red Cross appreciates the offers of help, but right now the best way to help disaster victims is with a financial donation by visiting, by texting the word REDCROSS to 9-0-9-9-9 or by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS. While no blood drives have been canceled, Red Cross depends on generous volunteer blood donors to provide lifesaving blood in need – each and every day.

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