Story: Home Depot workers help with tornado effort

This story is written by Red Cross worker Rusty Surette, who is currently deployed to Texas.

Texas Tornadoes (Apr 2012)

The American Red Cross is working around the clock to bring relief, support and comfort to those affected by the tornado outbreak in North Texas this week.

Not only are volunteers meeting with families who have lost their homes, but they are also taking care of first responders and other organizations and groups helping out.

One of those groups is Home Depot. On Wednesday, an estimated 180 store employees descended into communities impacted by the tornadoes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

“It’s important for us to be in communities when times are good. It’s also important for us to be in communities when times are bad,” said Home Depot Store Manager Trina Booker.

The employees will be boarding up broken windows, replacing smashed fences and clearing tree limbs and other debris from yards over the next several days. As the crew worked non-stop under the warm Wednesday sun, the American Red Cross was there in Arlington to hand out bottles of water, snacks and lunches to exhausted employees.

“It was really needed and we were thrilled to see the Red Cross trucks coming around the corner,” said Booker. “It’s just great to know your Red Cross volunteers are here to help us as we are helping others.”

The Home Depot teams will be in affected neighborhoods for the rest of the week providing immediate clean-up assistance. Next to them will be Red Cross workers offering hot meals, beverages, comfort kits and cleaning supplies.

When disaster strikes, no one agency can do it alone. That’s why we rely on our corporate citizens like Home Depot to step up, pitch it and make a difference for those who need help the most.

If you would like to help, please go online to to give your time as a volunteer, your blood as a donor or your money as a financial gift to help continue our mission.

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