Disaster Update: Flooding in Louisiana

Disaster Alert

Louisiana – American Red Cross volunteers are now meeting individually with families most affected by floodwater earlier this week.

Based on each family’s verified emergency needs, the Red Cross is able to assist with items such as food, clothing, household items (including linens) and housing. The volunteers also are guiding the residents on their recovery process and providing referrals to others who may be able to provide further assistance.

Families who don’t have the resources to clean their flood-affected homes can call 211 for help.

Red Cross volunteers in the health and mental health profession also are responding to the families’ needs, in some cases helping with replacement medications, medical equipment and counseling.

Six teams of volunteers on Saturday have been spreading across impacted communities, which may take several days, as they meet with each of the most affected families.

As floodwaters rose early this week, the Red Cross provided sheltering and feeding for those in need. At one point, more than 115 people were at the shelter and 23 stayed overnight. When they returned home, volunteers turned to the developing needs. More than 1,300 residences are affected in five Acadiana parishes.

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