Story: Red Cross a Blessing

This story is written by Tamica Smith-Jeuitt, a Red Cross worker from the Mississippi chapter.

Mississippi Tornado, March 2011
Gloria Payton and her mother Ethel Stamps are survivors of the tornado that touched down in Hinds County, Mississippi on March 8, 2011.

One day before her mother’s 84th birthday, Gloria Payton is counting her blessings after surviving a tornado and for the Red Cross workers giving her family food. Payton, her mother and two other relatives were at home when they heard a sound similar to a train and strong winds in the middle night. When the noise stopped, they were in the dark, with a leaking roof, and snapped pine trees scattered across their yard in Edwards, MS.

Payton said she never called the Red Cross for help and was surprised when their emergency response vehicle drove up to her house shortly after the storm.

“All I knew was they had to be here to help and I certainly appreciated that,” said Payton.

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